North American Spine is One of the Biggest Purveyors of Spinal Science in America

North American Spine is a company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company also has offices in San Antonio and Houston, Texas, Phoenix, Arizona, Hackensack, New Jersey and Minneapolis, Minnesota. The mission of the North American Spine center is based on the philosophy of tailoring treatment to the needs and condition of the patient, not just a standard approach to all spine injuries and back pain. Their further goal is to treat all problems within one visit rather than multiple visits to many facilities. This philosophy is practiced in all of their offices nationwide.

Diagnosis And Options

North American Spine offers diagnosis for spinal pain in the neck, upper back and lower back. They cover all spinal areas and are able to treat the many causes of spinal and back pain. Each patient is treated as a unique case. The doctors at North American Spine will view MRI reports for each patient along with their medical history. They will then offer treatments which are focused on low-risk, minimally invasive treatments for better results and cost for each patient. This approach is accomplished by a team of specialists in reviewing each case and treatment is discussed with each patient to apprise them of the information and help the patient to decide on which procedure will be best to alleviate their spinal and back pain problems.

Treatment Options

Many types of back pain and spinal injuries are treated in a variety of ways. Lifestyle changes can be the first way a patient is treated. These lifestyle changes include physical therapy and supervised exercise, medication, hot and cold compresses to relieve pain and heal injuries. If these lifestyle change options do not relieve the pain or heal the injury, then spinal surgery is a next step in treatment.

Spinal Surgery

Spinal surgery is a treatment option, generally of last resort. Lifestyle changes are the preferred method of easing back pain and healing spinal injuries. Unfortunately these methods do not always work and spinal surgery must be considered. The best spinal surgery is minimally invasive. This is the philosophy of the North American Spine clinic.

Back pain has many causes and many treatments. North American Spine combines specialists in Neurosurgery, Orthopedic Spine specialists and Pain Management to diagnose and treat back pain and spinal injuries. Combining these and other specialists offers a full range of options for treatment, allowing the patient to receive all treatment necessary at one location. Not to mention the big online presence, that allows them to communicate with potential patients that have questions or concerns.