North American Spine Company For Invasive Spinal Care

For people in the Dallas area, the company North American Spine Company specializes in minimally invasive spinal care. They are the exclusive provider of the very successful procedure called AccuraScope.

There are many types of minimally invasive spinal procedures that do not work properly. The AccuraScope has worked successfully for over 8,000 patients. They are very happy with what the procedure has done for them. Since the success rate for the procedure is 82%, many people are able to get back to the life that they were used to before they had spine injuries or problems.

Patients recommend the procedure at a 96% rate. There are also other positives to using the AccuraScope versus another procedure. The costs are far less than other minimally invasive spinal care options. A patient will be able to save money on office visits and medications. The average savings is over $23,000. This helps many patients with their finances. The AccuraScope is also covered by a variety of insurance programs for help in deterring the costs. After looking at a patient's medical history, the company provides a holistic and caring approach that will benefit the patient.

The North American Spine Company treats a variety of spinal and neck injuries and problems. Some of them include a pinched nerve, spinal stenosis, sciatica, degenerative disc and many other conditions.

At North American Spine Company, the mission is to help as many people as possible. The more patients that are able to receive the care that they need so that they will be able to lead a more productive life.

The North American Spine Company provides a free MRI review. This includes information on back and neck pain. It also offers information on whether a person is a good candidate for surgery and how to understand their better pain better.

Doctors that work at the company are educated and trained in the procedure. They are compassionate and caring, and they treat patients with the respect that they deserve. The AccuraScope procedure is easy to heal from. It also leaves a very tiny scar.

The North American Spine Company is highly recommended by the patients that have received care at the facility. They wish to let others know about the tremendous care that they were given when they visited the company's offices. Life when there are problems with someone's back or neck can be very difficult for a person to live. There are many reasons that there could be problems. They may include accidents, overdoing things or other reasons that there would be problems with someone's back or neck.

For those people that are experiencing pain in their backs or necks, they should make sure that they contact the North American Spine as soon as possible. They will want to get the best treatment that is available, and that is the AccuraScope procedure. It will prove to be a very good start to healing their ailments so they can lead a more productive life. The procedure will work well for them, and they will find that the costs will not be extravagant. A patient will find the compassionate and caring treatment from the staff to be of the utmost quality.