Jeunesse Global continues unveiling cutting-edge health and beauty products

When Jeunesse Global was founded in 2009, it was little more than a hobby business being run out of the sprawling Florida mansion of a retired couple. But the company began to grow quickly. By the end of its first year of operations, Jeunesse already had dozens of distributors and had sold close to $1 million worth of products. The growth was not about to slow down.

By 2015, Jeunesse Global had developed its own line of health and beauty products, filling specific niches in the market and eventually creating an all-in-one health and beauty system that would be dubbed YES. Short for Youth Enhancement System, YES is Jeunesse Global’s answer to the problem customers face of having to constantly shop around for all the products they need to stay healthy and looking young.

The YES system was developed under the personal direction of Wendy Lewis, one of Jenuesse Global’s founders. Along with husband Randy Ray, who was responsible for creating the company’s business plan and recruiting hundreds of new distributors, Lewis was able to tap into her vast expertise and an expert product developer, bringing more than a dozen new products to fruition within just a few years of the company’s founding.

With the entire YES system now perfected, Ray and Lewis have come upon a winning formula in the health and beauty sector. Through selling highly effective products that are tightly targeted to specific niche markets, they have been able to generate a loyal following in a relatively short period. And even though the company’s individual products are aimed at very specific aspects of health and beauty, when taken together, they provide a robust solution to the health and beauty needs of wide swaths of the Earth’s population.

One example of how the company is able to fill niche market needs while providing a product that virtually anyone can find use for is the company’s Luminesce skincare lotion. Luminesce is targeted to the East Asian markets, with the ability to act as a mild skin whitener while using virtually no synthetic ingredients. But Luminesce also acts as a base and a moisturizer, making it useful for almost anyone looking to improve their skin tone.